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We are Proud to serve you as you admire, our knelowdable staff will assist you in any thing you need. We Consider That our Experience in tourism is more than enough to handle any big events or excursions & This experience make us take a very good care about any small details.


We provide all kinds of tours and excursions in and out of Egypt, Starting from cairo tours by plane and bus from Sharm El.Sheikh for one or two days, Luxor tours, Petra and Jerusalem from sharm el.sheikh and dahab, St.Catherine, Moses Mountain, Safari Trips, Desert tours, Red sea snorkeling, Red Sea diving trips and Water sports. That's not everything, we also provide private transfer from airport or hotel to anywhere..

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Cairo by Bus

Adult:38 GBP - Child:20 GBP Details
Luxor by Plane

Adult:140 GBP - Child:125 GBP Details
Petra by Boat

Duration: 20.00 hrs
Adult:175 GBP - Child:165 GBP Details
Jerusalem By Bus

Adult:95 GBP - Child:90 GBP Details

Adult:25 GBP - Child:15 GBP Details
Mose's Mountain

Duration: 16.00 hrs
Adult:25 GBP - Child:15 GBP Details
Jeeb Safari

Duration: 8 Hrs
Adult:30 GBP - Child:15 GBP Details
Quad Bike Runner

Duration: 3 hrs
Single:15 GBP - Double:18 GBP Details
Camel Riding

Duration: 2 hrs
Adult:20 GBP - Child:10 GBP Details

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